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Heather Haslem

Supporting People and Organizations to

Come Home to Our Humanity

Well-being Expert

Heather has been studying and teaching whole-person well-being for over 15 years. She is a lifelong learner - who stays up to date on the latest research. She combines evidence-informed practices with wisdom traditions to support people across their lifespan. Heather teaches, coaches, creates curriculum, writes, consults, speaks, and facilitates programs and retreats that support wellness. 

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Heather has been teaching for over 13 years. She has taught academic classes in public health, gerontology, nursing, and addiction treatment. She leads weekly meditation and yoga classes and offers workshops that focus on health & well-being. 

Specialties: Aging Well Across the Lifespan, Foundations of Personal Health & Wellness, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Mind-Body Medicine, Behavior Change, Meaning & Purpose, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-informed Mind-Body Practices



With a natural ability to connect with people and put them at ease, Heather believes in the innate wisdom of every person she works with. She helps guide clients to create a vision for their best health and wellbeing, and then supports them to make lifelong changes. Heather provides a solid foundation of accountability, while helping people to discover habits that are barriers to change. She will help you to bridge the gap between where you are now and your vision for your best self. 


Specialties: Health & Wellness Coaching, Resilience Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Transformational Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching, Career Coaching, Life Coaching 


Writer/Curriculum Developer

Heather writes a weekly blog for behavioral health providers, and she writes a weekly post (with meditation) on substack. In addition, she has worked with several organizations to develop meaningful, timely, and engaging curriculum. She utilizes the latest research to ensure curriculum is evidence-informed. 

Specialties: Mindfulness, Mindful Communication, Wellness, Well-being, Lifestyle Medicine, Resilience, Trauma-Informed Mind-body Practices, Behavior Change, Work-place Wellness, First Responder Wellness, Healthcare Provider Wellness



Heather works with organizations to look inward and helps them to build a culture of well-being. She will help you assess your own culture, and then make recommendations that support employee well-being. She goes beyond checking the box and works to understand what your employees really want. 

Specialties: Well-being assessments and focus groups, Executive Leadership Retreats, Supervisor Trainings, Well-being and Resilience Training Programs, Dealing with Challenging Employees

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Heather loves to connect with people through sharing what she has learned along her path. She is an engaging speaker who is able to communicate with a wide variety of people. 

Specialities: Addressing Stress and Burnout During Times of Uncertainty, Supporting Behavior Change to Address Chronic Disease, Healing the Provider, Healthy Aging, Promoting Health and Wellbeing Through Living a Conscious Lifestyle, Understanding Whole-person Wellness and the Impact of Mindful Awareness on Behavior Change



Heather is an expert at facilitating groups, and how to create psychological safety within groups. She helps to guide meaningful discussion and has a knack for sharing knowledge and ideas that offers language and messaging that will resonate with your group.

Specialities: Wellness Retreats, Retreats for Healthcare Providers, Retreats for Busy Executives, Retreats for Board Members, Chronic Disease Management, and Diabetes Prevention Program



Client Reviews

Heather is amazing. We worked together for over two months and during that time I've had major life changes.  With her wisdom, intuitive awareness, and gentle guidance I now exercise every day, eat healthy meals, and drink endless glasses of healthy infused water and lost 15 pounds of the goal of losing 30 pounds. Heather's knowledge, training, and commitment to helping people be more self-aware and her desire to make a difference in the one’s she works with in the world is remarkable. Many times she would know what I was thinking and feeling. It was spooky and reassuring at the same. Heather is a gift to me and the world.  I am truly blessed to have found her and been forever changed by her ability to touch people at a very deep level.

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