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Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is a dynamic and holistic approach that focuses on facilitating deep and lasting personal change. This coaching style empowers individuals to develop self-awareness, regulate their nervous system, and unlock their full potential, fostering a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. Clients are drawn to transformational coaching for its ability to create meaningful and lasting shifts, enabling them to live authentically and align with their true purpose. This approach integrates diverse coaching modalities, offering tailored strategies to address individual needs and support profound personal change.

Integrative Health Coaching

As an expert in health behavior change, Heather works with people who are committed to making changes to their daily lifestyle habits so that they can  maximize their health and well-being, and reduce their risk of chronic disease. 

Career Coaching

Discover your purpose and unleash your potential with Career Coaching. Through Career Coaching you'll gain profound self-awareness, understand others' behaviors, and elevate workplace communication skills. Heather is certified by TTI Success Insights to provide research-based behavioral assessments utilizing DISC, Driving Forces, and Emotional Quotient. Heather will work with you to navigate your career journey with confidence and purpose.

Chopra Coaching

Utilizing the Chopra Coaching method, Heather works with clients to address the mind, body, and spirit. This  approach to coaching is based in positive psychology, neuroscience, and ancient wisdom traditions. 

Somatic Coaching

The body speaks in the language of sensation and yet sometimes we get stuck in our heads. By integrating somatic practices into your life, you'll be able to better regulate youre nervous system and learn to be-friend your body as you take time to listen and get to know it better in a safe envrionment.  

Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine techniques have been used for centuries to help people heal from trauma, and other life challenges, as well as, maintain health. As a certified mind-body medicine practitioner, and mindfulness meditation teacher, Heather will guide you thorugh practices that will assist you on your well-being journey. 


As a skilled coach and teacher, Heather works with new coaches to find their own footing and style in the coaching world. She blends coaching with mentoring based on your unique goals and desires. 

"I will not rescue you for you are not powerless. 

I will not fix you for you are not broken. 

I will not heal you for I see you in your wholeness. 

I will walk with you through the darness until you remember your light."

-Medicine Woman's Prayer


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