Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

“You don’t have to do more to be happy.  Happiness is cultivated by connecting to our true selves.” 

                        — Heather Haslem

Heather became interested in mindfulness meditation when conducting research for her master's degree. She was fascinated by the powerful impact mindfulness meditation had on health and wellbeing. She first began practicing when her son was thirteen months old and she was caught up being a new mother; she completely forgot about her own well-being. She was suffering, her marriage was suffering and she became overwhelmed. She felt like she had lost herself. At her wit’s end, she finally decided to take a mindfulness-based stress reduction class which helped her establish a relationship with the inner workings of her mind. She learned how to pause, reconnect with herself and bring her attention inward to experience life in the here and now. Heather believes mindfulness is the foundation to wellbeing, and she is passionate about sharing the practice with others. She teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), leads community sitting groups, and works with individuals who want to develop a practice of their own. 

Guided Meditations

Breath Meditation - Heather Haslem
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Lying Down Yoga - Heather Haslem
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Loving Kindness Meditation - Heather Haslem
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Body Scan - Heather Haslem
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Sitting Meditation - Heather Haslem
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