Integrative Health Coaching

Heather uses a whole-person wellness approach by guiding you through the health behavior change process in order to enhance lifelong well-being. She will help you bridge the gap between medical recommendations and the ability to successfully implement those recommendations into your life. A personal health plan will be developed in which we will explore all aspects of your wellness, using the Wheel of Health. We will work together to create a vision for your health, and then set attainable and meaningful goals that will help you realize your vision. As you take each step, we’ll learn together what works and what doesn’t and then we’ll make the necessary adjustments so that the changes become your new normal. 

These sessions are offered face-to-face, via phone, or via video-conference. Each session is geared to helping you realize your goals. Heather will help you achieve those goals through an interactive dialogue. It is recommended that you commit to 3-months of coaching in order to ensure your new habits are integrated fully into your life. 

One-on-One Coaching

Group coaching sessions are conducted in groups, ranging in size. The group atmosphere will allow you to learn from your peers and have a community of people supporting your goals.

Group Coaching