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Workplace Wellness

Are you frustrated with spending tons of money on a workplace wellness program with little return on your investment? Heather can help you assess your program, and develop a plan for an effective program that actually helps to enhance the health and wellbeing of your employees.  By helping employee's learn how to engage in positive lifestyle behaviors significant improvements can be made with regard to disease rates and work productivity. Additionally, chronic diseases, a rapidly-aging workforce and factors like stress, fatigue and depression all affect employers’ revenue. Effective organizational wellness programs have been shown to significantly lower absenteeism rates, increase job satisfaction, and ultimately lower healthcare costs. By integrating health and wellness programs into your organization, you can offer employees a way to take a close look at their health behaviors and make lasting changes to their health and wellness. 

Heather also offers workplace yoga. These classes are tailored to meet the needs of the employees. Classes range from chair yoga to mat yoga, and the length of the class can be modified to meet the needs of work flow in your organization. Offering yoga allows employees an opportunity to move their bodies, and a way to de-stress. 

Boardroom Yoga

Sessions are offered to employees, as a way to support them in making healthier lifestyle choices. By offering group sessions, employees can support one another in making lasting behavior change. These behavior changes lead to lower healthcare costs, and greater productivity. 

Group Health Coaching


Heather will meet with you and your team to assess your current wellness strategies, and develop a plan using innovative practices that are based on research to create a comprehensive wellness strategy. This plan will be tailored to meet the needs of the organization, and will address the culture, and values of the organization.